Program | WISE – World Innovation Summit for Education

Program | WISE – World Innovation Summit for Education.

Oh! How sad that I was not able to participate in the WISE conference…indeed, I am just discovering it now! A quick review of the website will put you in contact with a handful of exciting projects. The longer you hang around, the more you will discover. A few cool examples:

Smallholders Farmers Rural Radio educates farmers in Nigeria by delivering 8 to 10 hours per day of agriculture-related programming. The programs are hosted by former/current farmers and feature insights and best practices shared by other local farmers, whom the radio hosts typically visit on location. The program regularly reaches over 250,000 listeners on a daily basis!

The projects selected for the WISE Award are also worth exploring. You will find the winners from 2009, 2010, and 2011 on the website. According to the folks at wise, projects were selected according to the following criteria:

The Winners were selected for their innovative approaches and positive impact upon societies and education, within the perennial theme of Transforming Education: Investment, Innovation and Inclusion.

The following projects won this year’s WISE Award:

Al-Jisr School-Business Partnerships–This Moroccan initiative brings businesses and schools together to collaborate in effort to improve teaching and learning.

BBC Janala–Providing English language lessons through radio, television, CDs, and mobile phones.

Connexions–This project focuses on creating personal learning networks for students around the world by compiling open source learning resources and organizing the into content-based modules.

Creative Partnerships–This project connects young people with creative professionals with the aim to “raise aspirations, skills and attainment levels and prepare young people for the world of work.” I know a high schooler that would LOVE to have such an opportunity!

SuenaLetras–This Chilean project provides literacy instruction and support for children with hearing disabilities.

Teacher Education in Sub-Saharan Africa (TESSA)–TESSA is a network of universities and organizations, and led by the Open University, who are committed to collaboratively creating materials to be used for teacher education in order to address the critical shortage of qualified teachers in the region.

Interested in exploring how people around the world are designing and implementing creative solutions to a variety of issues from agriculture, teacher training, and social inclusion? Keep your eye on WISE. Get inspired, get connected, and get to work. ;-)


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